Blue Diamond Trade POst in Kokomo, Indiana
large selection of new and used tools

The Blue Diamond Trade Post was opened on May 5, 1974, and was originally located at 1402 N. Washington Street in Kokomo, Indiana by James L. Smith and a partner, Michael H. Lucas. Jim worked this business part time to build it up to a nice small business. In 1978, Mike was bought out by Jim. In 1982, the business was relocated to 1613 N. Davis Road, Kokomo, Indiana, to a building that was about six times the size of the old shop with plenty of parking and so much more room that we didn't know how we were going to fill it up. Jim continued to work the business and make it grow, as he wanted something to do when he retired from the Kokomo Police Department in 1987. I started working and running the family business for my father in 1978 while still in high school. During my junior and senior years of school, I was in a vocational class that allowed me the opportunity to go to school for a half day and work half a day and still get my school credits for graduation in 1982. I then started working full time at the business and went to school to become a jeweler and learn the art of resizing jewelry and setting stones, etc. In late 1985, we took on a scooter franchise known as Trac Mopeds and Scooters. I also attended a week long training program for sales and service of the mopeds. We later moved to a newer company of scooters and have continued to make this business grow. I have had the most wonderful opportunity to work with my father on a daily basis until his passing on April 7, 2010. Jim is sadly missed my me, my family and all of our friends and customers. As I try to fill my dad's shoes and mine at the same time, I hope that all our past, present and future customers will remain to be our friends as well as continued customers.

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